Tequila Ocho Plata (Blanco)



Made by hand and heart, tequila ocho is one of the few tequilas still made in the slow, artisanal way with the utmost care and passion. We only harvest overripe agaves from the golden triangle of los altos de jalisco that are then slowly roasted in old brick ovens, fermented with natural airborne yeast, and distilled at low temperatures. At ocho, nothing is rushed, which ensures maximum agave essence comes through in the final distillation. The result is an additive-free tequila that expresses unmasked, agave flavor.
Crisp, bright agave with lively citrus notes and a fresh herbaceousness including white pepper and minerality.
Full and complex cooked agave notes, developing front-to-back with notes of fresh cut grass and a touch of earthiness.
Body & color:
Unaged, crystal clear color, delightfully explosive to sip
Thick, viscous mouthfeel with a long harmonious finish.

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