Generous Negroni

This gin cocktail was invented in Florence (Italy) in 1919.


Count Camillo Negroni used to go to the Café “Casoni”, a favorite place of the aristocracy at that time, to consume an Americano.

However, Count Negroni liked to taste new cocktails and got bored of always drinking the same and decided to change. He asked the bartender to reinforce his favorite cocktail by using the same ingredients, but bypassing sparkling water and adding gin, which the count had discovered during his trips to London.

This cocktail knew a huge success very quickly, all the customers of Café “Casoni” wanted to taste this “Americano with gin”. The bartender named him “Negroni” to honor his inventor. This cocktail has since gone around the world and has become one of the great international cocktails.


3 cl Generous Gin

3 cl Villa Cardea bitters

3 cl Mancino Rosso vermouth




1/ Pour the three liquid ingredients directly into the glass previously filled with ice.

2/ A “lowball glass” (small glass) and “old fashioned” (as in the picture above) type is ideal.

3/ For the taste and decoration add orange twist.

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